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> GB Terminology
post Mar 27 2009, 10:34 AM
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Gunbound Terminology

This is an effort to define gunbound terminology (words that apply to the game). More especifically, I would like to address certain words that apply to this game are used very loosely, and even create new terminology to use in gb. You don't have to take my word for it, but this is what i understand from years of playing the game.

words related to the game:

Formula- This should be the first word discussed because it sets the parameters for the other terms. A formula is a rule or principle, frequently expressed in algebraic symbols (directly from www.dictionary.com). In other words, a formula is an equation that does not change. Example: wind.0 + wind.number x wind.chart.factor = new.angle . this is a formula, it translates into "multiply the wind by the wind chart factor, and add it to your base angle". get it? a formula is not a wind chart, a formula is the "code" (if you will) with which to crack that wind chart. Now, if a formula is an equation, 70 3.0 = 1sd is also an equation; therefore, something as simple as memorizing that 70 3.0 = 1sd IS A FORMULA. This is because both examples (wind0 x ... as well as 70 3.0=1sd) essentially aid the player at estimating a new shot. Therefore, they are no different. The following statement is void: "I am a feel player because i only use memorized shots to do new shots."

Wind Chart- A circle divided in 8 parts reminiscent of the gunbound wind circle, that includes factors that will indicate how to adjust a basic wind 0 shot to a certain winds. Wind charts may include up to 64 wind directions in total.

Feel- Certainly the most debated word of all. The word FEEL really originated at the very beginning of gunbound gaming, from korean gb. The word attempts to explain the relationship between the mouse and the hand--literally. With Feel, the hand moves the mouse until it feels right. In all honestly, FEEL = GUESSING. If you say you play by feel, that literally means you guess every shot! whether that guessing is blind or educated, thats something else. Perhaps we can agree to use the word FEEL as a replacement of EDUCATED GUESSING. But FEEL is (in its most literal form) by no means related to MEMORIZING. Saying that you used feel from a 70 3.0 shot is NOT FEEL!

words related to the player:

Strategy- A strategy is a deviced plan of how to operate in a particular game. A player or a team should start the game with an already-deviced strategy. Example, if you play a serious 1vs1, a strategy might be "ok first turn i will dual, second turn i will SS, third turn i will dual", or if you are the captain of a 3vs3 team, you must go into the game thinking "ok this game we are going to kill them at the same time." A strategy is not something you device during the game, that's an unprepared change of plans and that is bad.

Accuracy- precision. This has to do with how precise a player is. Saying "I can hit 9/10 times" does not mean you are accurate because hitting or missing a shot depends on how complicated or intricate that specific shot is. Using formulas may increase your accuracy. Accuracy has nothing to do with the other qualities of a player.

Speed- The velocity with which a player moves, aims, and shoots. Speed is very dependent on the mobility qualities of each mobile (i.e. boomer moves fast, turtle moves slow). Regardless, speed takes a lot of practice, much like accuracy. However, speed has nothing to do with accuracy. You can hit nothing an entire game and still considered to be a fast player.
**Players should try to find their balance of accuracy and speed. Accuracy and speed trade off each other; you cant have a 10 : 10 ratio of accuracy and speed. Each player must decide their own ratio.**

Consistency- Consistency has a more broad definition. One, being consistent means that if you hit a target in turn #1, you should be able to hit that same target in turn #10; hitting one time and missing the other means you got lucky, or that you are just not consistent. Two, being consistent means that all your shots should have about the same accuracy; you can't hit an "omg ns" and then "lol wtf was that?". this does not mean you can't miss, but a consistent player is he who does not get lucky in terms of accuracy. This aspect of consistency also applies to the other qualities of a player, speed and strategy. Third, consistent can also mean a player's ability to control the power bar; he who slips or overslices/underslices often cannot be considered consistent--even though it is a simple mistake it can cost entire games.

new words:

MACROMANAGEMENT (Macro) - economics term used to describe production management at a large scale. This is commonly applied in games like starcraft, but it can also be applied to gb. Macromanagement can refer to the overall management of a team, in 3vs3 for example. Having a boomer as your first-turner is good macromanagement, having a jd as your last-turner is bad macromanagement. In addition, macromanagement can refer to a player's or a team's knowledge of who/what/how. For example, if your team wants to same time, good macromanagement would be to have your boomer player shoot the ice opponent, you ice player player shoot the boomer opponent, and your nak player shoot the armor opponent. Get it? Macromanagement = knowledge of the large-scale details

MICROMANAGEMENT (Micro) - economics term used to describe production management at a small scale. This is commonly applied in games like starcraft, but it can also be applied to gb. Micromanagement is an individual player's management of small-scale situations. Hiding, moving ontop of one opponent to avoid being shot by another (I call this taking hostage), deciding to F8 instead of dualing like a madman, this is good micro. Respawning at a dangerous spot and dying quickly, shooting from one spot and one spot only without ever moving at all, bad delay management, this is poor micro. Micromanagement = individual in-game decisions that will benefit you, mainly concerned, but not limited to, having good delay decisions.

Taking Hostage - Micromanagement move that an individual player can do in proximity to an opponent to avoid being shot at by another opponent. This move essentially requires good delay judgement as well as speed to really make it work.

First-Turner - a First-turner is not simply a player that happens to go first. A first-turner is a player who is good at being the first turn player in a team based on decisions, precision, and speed. A first-turner must know who to shoot from the waiting room.
(I could develop on Second-Turner, Third-Turner, and even Fourth-Turner, if anyone would like me to)

already existing but not taken into account by most players:

Waiting Room - the "noob get ready" stage previous to a game. In the waiting room, you can check for ranks in the opposing team, this will tell you the opposite team's shooting order. from there, you can figure out who to shoot and what strategy you will device for that game. Some of you may say "oh cmon everyone knows that" but I am sure none of you do. So take this more into account when you host a room or hop around.

Loading Room - the "omg lag" stage previous to a game. In the loading room, 3 great things are revealed to you. 1- positions, so you should immediately think who you will shoot based on map positions. 2- distance, so you should have a relative idea of at least the wind 0 shots for who you will need to shoot. 3- any changes to your already-deviced strategy due to difficult positions or whatever, you should make those decisions right then and there, at the Loading Room.

notice that none of the excuse words were included: Slipping, overslicing/underslicing, etc. Let's not use excuses :)

Post here any other words that you may want to add, or that you want to discuss further. Thank you. My emphasis is on macro/micro. Input appreciated.
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