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Full Version: Real Back to school event lol
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Dear Gunbound Users:

Doesn't it seem like summer just started? And already it's almost over! It's time for many of our players to go back to school, so to prepare you for all the hard work you'll be putting in to school, we're hosting a Back-to-School event just for you! There's an Avatar web shop with lots of cool new items with special prices as well as some rare items on sale, bonus 25% GP and Gold for all players, and another GM Challenge event with new rules!

Event Period: August 23rd - September 5th
Event Gift Delivery Date: September 28th

Event page:

Event 1: Back to School GP/Gold Bonus!

Throughout the event period, all zones will be set to provide a 25% GP/Gold bonus instead of their normal 10/15% bonuses. These bonuses will be present 100% of the time during the event. So everyone in the game will get extra Gold and GP just for playing!

Event 2: GM Challenge!

It's time again to get your chance to play with the GMs! We've received a lot of feedback regarding previous GM events, so we've adjusted the rules in hopes of satisfying more of our users. Please read these new rules carefully!

GM Challenge Rules

August 23 - August 31 (weekdays only): 2-6pm Pacific time.

Requirements: NEW: You must have equipped at least one item from this event's special web shop. It does not matter when you acquired the item (some users may already have some of the rare items), or whether you purchase it from the web shop or the in-game shop. As long as you're wearing one of the items, you may play in the GM Challenge.

If you are not wearing the item when you get in the game, you will be kicked from the game and will not be able to rejoin (though you may sign up to play on following days).

NEW: Each hour there will be 3-4 games, with 1 GM per game. An invite poll will be posted in the Events section of the Gunbound forums the evening before the day of the games (so for games on August 23rd, the poll will be posted the evening of August 22). Simply go to the poll and pick which time you'd like to play. We will then pick 15-20 users to play each hour. You may sign up for multiple hours, but you may only play once! If you are picked, you'll receive a PM through the forums letting you know you've been chosen and the ID of the account that will message you with the game information in game.

All players must be in game at least five minutes before the game starts in order to receive the private message with the game information (which will be sent out five minutes before the game starts). If you miss this message because you're late, you will forfeit your chance to play (though you may try again on another day). DO NOT GIVE THIS INFORMATION OUT TO ANYONE. If we discover you've given out the game information, or if you've received this information from another user and try to get in the game, you will be kicked from the game and will forfeit any chance to play in the GM event the rest of the event period.

If you have multiple accounts, you may only play on one account in the GM event. If we find you've played on multiple accounts in the GM games, you will not receive prizes for any of those accounts.

NEW: Zone, game room number, and password will be sent to users via in game private message.

Once the game time arrives, if all players are not yet in the game room, we will announce the room number and password in the server messages and open the room to first come first served.

Details: All games will be 3v3 Score. Users may only play once - if you have already played, you will be kicked out of the room to let others have a chance to play. Each team that enters will get to play 1 game.

Game options (map, Sudden death, items, mobile, etc.) will be decided by GM.

So you know who the real GMs are, here are the names of the GMs you may meet in the game:

A surprise limitless rare Avatar item prize will be given out to ALL players who get a chance to play with the GMs, win or lose!

Event 3: Special Avatar Shop!

Some new items have been released for this event, and they're in the web shop at special prices (compared to buying the items individually from the in-game shop)! Some rare items are also on sale in the shop.

Items for sale
Full Sets:
Mars, God of War/Athena, Goddess of War

Head & Body:
Desert Fox
Friendship A

Body only:
High School Band


Ex: (Background/Foreground)
Golden Gate Bridge 2/Helicopter
Lake Jurassic 2/Birth of a Dragon
Field of Fireflies/Glowworm
Roman Temple/Greek Chariot

For stats and prices, go to the web shop.

Note: All of these Avatar sets will be sold as limitless sets and can’t be resold (if you attempt to sell one, a window will display an incorrect resale price and if sold, you will receive no refund at all). Some of these sets are not normally available in the avatar shop.


also they link they gave us is wrong lOL stupid ijji
If that High school band avatar is gold only I'm buying it. Always wanted one, but changes are the fuckers are gonna make it cost $4.
haha they will D: its one of the rarest avys out there
QUOTE(ANBU @ Aug 21 2007, 08:30 PM) *

haha they will D: its one of the rarest avys out there

It's not really rare considering how many people hacked it.
lol the noobs posted the wrong avatar shop GFG. though they probably change the same link on the 23rd.

and fuck yea for the event poll, i may actually get to play...i may actually have a fucking chance! WOOT!

i just hope when they post it the hours are either really early or really late LOL.


you actually want to do that retarded play with the GMs event?
Yes. it would be funny if they gave me a double of a flag i already have though HAHA.
QUOTE(Sol @ Aug 21 2007, 09:51 PM) *


What part of the game isn't?
Fucking shit, I called it. High School band is $4.
meh since i got trico and guerra inca last event im sort of broke
i only have 93k best thing i can settle for is desrt fox =D
prolly only thing i can make enough gold for

wait they dont have the web gift it pwns i could have already had
desert fox if they enabled web gift
EMO IJJIS!!!!!!!!

only other thing i have that is up there is peacock
u already know spartaa is gonna get ars n athena avvys
QUOTE(xDemonessx @ Aug 21 2007, 09:48 PM) *

Yes. it would be funny if they gave me a double of a flag i already have though HAHA.

Even if it IS a "rare", it would be sold for $4 in a later event. I can bet you on that. :p
Leo Renard
The real link:
Hm...I just bought the "Mars, God of War" avatar. Damn, my gold supply is dwindling as a result of these events...
Damnit~! They removed Gifting.. My other accoutns have enough money to buy the Lucky and Peacock Flag but my main doesn't, lol
holy shit, this is retarded. the gm event winners/players are all hackers/aimbotters and fucking babies who cry if they didnt get in AHAHAHA. its lol and bs gms pick and random and dont play favorites. they really do favor aimbotters. even royal pepso got in. At least so far.

Except for Riskfactor. Legit win!1!!1
QUOTE(xDemonessx @ Aug 23 2007, 08:44 PM) *

Except for Riskfactor. Legit win!1!!1


he got his prize already too. it's flag 94 (aka the tiger stick)
Hm. Odd that Phantom's and Desert Fox's event prices listed are higher than the original price. Come to think of it, why IS there an original price?
QUOTE(Kham @ Aug 23 2007, 09:03 PM) *

Hm. Odd that Phantom's and Desert Fox's event prices listed are higher than the original price. Come to think of it, why IS there an original price?

They aren't, desert fox is 180k, the ------------- cuts the 8 off making it look like a 0.
QUOTE(Sol @ Aug 23 2007, 07:13 PM) *

They aren't, desert fox is 180k, the ------------- cuts the 8 off making it look like a 0.

And I thought my eyes were going funny on me.
yawn @ weak attempt to scam $4. i wonder how many $4 avatars they have to sell to pay one fagministrator to play the dumb event for 1 hour.
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